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Ricky Wong

Architecture and interior designer from Hongkong,founder and director of Ricky Wong Designers Ltd.Ricky Wong,who was born in well-known furniture family in Hong Kong. He has started to know household industry by the family business, which opens the way of his "design career",he started to found his own company In 1996,then one after another, he has established its branch companies in Shenzhen,xi’an,Beijing and Chengdu.At present, the team has more than 200 people,which including senior designers from different cultural background and different areas. They aim to create a complete industrial chain to connect the interior design, home furniture design and architectural design, to achieve to more excellent quality design.

Ricky views that " Design Requires Limitless Possibilities", he is good at finding the inspiration between design and life style. He enjoys the design while he is doing it. He asserts design is fickle only if someone loves his life and his horizon is wild enough , he can do the best design.

Throughout all projects of Ricky Wong,such as villa、model houses、commercial space、Hotel & Club,some of them let him won many awards,for example, American Gold Key design Award, APIDA asia-pacific interior design, Design for Asia Award, CIDA award,Chinese design of the Year from CBDA and so on.


RWD 創始人。出生於香港傢俱世家,受家族產業薰陶,自幼便開始接觸家居行業,從而開啟了他的“設計創作”之路。1996年,Ricky在港開展個人事業,因業務版圖拓展,后在深圳、西安、北京、成都等各地相繼設有分公司。現有團隊百餘人,由來自不同地區、不同文化背景的資深設計師組成,打造從建築設計、室內設計、軟裝設計到傢俱設計的(TOTAL SOLUTION)全案設計理念,旨在創造更多素質優良的設計。


在 Ricky眾多享譽業界的作品中,有別墅豪宅、樣板房、商業空間、酒店會所等,項目遍佈香港、北京、上海、廣州、深圳、杭州、西安以及東南亞等二十多個城市。曾榮獲GoldKey Award、亞洲最具影響力設計獎、APIDA 亞太區室內設計等國際大獎、CIDA中國十強室內設計機構、中國建築裝飾協會中國設計年度人物等國內外大獎。

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